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Halogen flame retardant DOPO, DOPO-HQ, DDP and DI-DOPO

Accompany with developed countries have high requirments for environment protection, in recent years, halogen free flame retardants have big market requirments. especially is DOPO and derivatives.

DOPO, CAS NO.:35948-25-5

DOPO-HQ, CAS NO.: 99208-50-1

DOPO-DDP, CAS NO.: 63562-33-4

DI-DOPO, CAS NO.: 1631149-46-6/ 1239439-38-3)

Shandong Life Chemical Co., Ltd has been dedicated to R&D in DOPO and derivatives in past years, and our products can meet REACH and ROHS requirments, moreover products sold to Germany, France, Japan, Korea and over 15 countries.

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