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Polybutylene Succinate Adipate/ PBSA

Polybutylene Succinate Adipate (PBSA) is one newer biodegradable resin, PBSA is produced by co-condensation of succinic and adipate acid with 1-4-butanediol.

PBSA is a very attractive biopolymer because its mechanical properties and service temperatures are comparable with those of widely used polyolefins, in comparison of PLA,  it is much more flexible and therefore, does not require plasticizers. It also has a lower melting point and thus is easier to process than PLA.

PBSA is one of the newer biopolymers and could be a cost-effective alternative to other biopolymers such as PLA, PBAT, and PHB. Possible applications include food packaging, mulch film, plant pots, hygiene products, fishing nets and fishing lines. It can be used as a matrix polymer or in combination with other bioolymers such as polylactic acid (PLA).

Shandong Life Chemical Co., Ltd is the manufactuer of PBSA, if you have any interests, the sample will send to you for testing.

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